Equipping African Leaders to Build Thriving Communities



Bible Banquet


You can help Spread God’s Word in Africa by hosting a fundraising event like a Bible Banquet!  Perhaps a breakfast or luncheon?  Maybe you have a more creative fundraising idea?  Contact us about ways we can work together to help Spread The Word!

Golf Tournament


Join us at Vanderbilt Legends Club on Tuesday, September 17 for our 7th annual Spread the Word Golf Tournament benefitting Nashville-based African Leadership. This program provides local-language Bibles to rural African pastors. Since 2013, Spread The Word has distributed more than 14,000 Bibles across Africa!!



About African Leadership

African Leadership invest in Africa’s servant leaders so that every African can discover common ground with the Gospel.  By providing local leaders with a seminary-style theological education, complemented by courses in community development and trauma-healing, African Leadership prepares them for the range of complex issues they’ll face as the African church body.

Imagine facing these issues without the Word of God or an understanding of that Word? This is a reality for 85% of pastors across Africa - they preach and lead without an education and often without a study Bible! On average, a study Bible alone costs $30 in Africa - which could be as much as a year’s wages for some pastors.

How can they preach God’s Word if they don’t have the ability to study and learn it for themselves?